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We are grateful to our Lord that no one was hurt or killed as our porch roof was pulled into the air and landed on the other side of our house (without damaging the solar panels!).  God is good!

Above: porch missing the zinc roof

Below: porch roof on other side of house!







Hello friends!

It is a great joy to be a part of God's Kingdom!  We are excited about the progress of the Dukawa and C'lela New Testaments as we help them on the home stretch!

Many of you know we have returned to the US as a family in June 2012 due to the unrest in Jos, Nigeria and the declining health of Carleen's parents. If you did not recieve information about our return, please see Heathclips 67 (under Newsletters) for more information.  We are excited that despite our location change, we will still be able to contribute to the Bible Translation movement in Nigeria!

Because of the sensitive nature of our work, we are asking people to register. Thank you for your patience in this extra layer of security. Please know we will not share your email address with others. The registration is only to help protect the projects and personnel involved in these sensitive projects.  If you have a problem registering, please send me an email or a facebook message.

We've created a web site with the help of Vickie Anderson (thank you Vickie!) to better keep in touch with you, and to enable you to better keep in touch with us and God's work of Bible translation.

wycliffe_transparent_bgSend your feedback to us!  We're looking forward to hearing from you and your family.

David and Carleen, Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.S. We hope that this will be a great resource for you, for those interested in missions and Bible translation.

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2013 Heath Ministry Video “Life is a Journey”

The following guide may help those showing the film to younger children or for groups that may want to stop and discuss.

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Leader’s Guide

Background Factoids:

The Dukawa project is located in NW Nigeria.

Nigeria is between the size of Alaska and Texas.

1 of every 4 Africans is Nigerian.

David and Carleen Heath (Wycliffe Bible Translators) have worked with the Dukawa since 1995. As of Jan 2013, Genesis, Ruth, Esther, Psalm portions, Proverb portions, Jonah, Luke, Philippians, I & II Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, I , II, & III John are published or ready for publication.

Road: The trip from the Abuja international airport to the Dukawa language area is 336.2 miles and takes 8+ hours.  The last 50 miles can take 2.5+ hours.

Resistant churches? Many outsiders have said that the Dukawas are resistant to the Gospel.  But the reality is that previously, the Gospel was explained to them using the Hausa trade language or a mixture of languages (a “trade language” is used in market places where people from different languages come together for trading.  While many Dukawa know some Hausa, they generally know just the words and expressions needed to buy and sell products).  Unfortunately, they often don’t translate the most important words like “faith,” “believe,” “repent”… which are the hardest words to understand from other languages.